Set Your Self Up For Productivity

Make sure you focus on being productive, rather than just busy.

Organize at the end of the day.

Focus on your top priorities for the next day

  • What has to be done?
  • What has a deadline?
  • What will bring in actual income?
  • What will actively harm you or your business if you don’t do it?

Keep a list of the day’s top priorities where you can see it at all times.

Make sure you know what your time is worth

Time spent on activities you can directly sell or bill a client for is your billable time

Time spent on tasks that don’t directly make you money or build relationships – are best:

  • Outsourced
  • Automated
  • Scrapped or left undone

Just start by focusing on the first two hours of your day. Remove draining activities and replace them with new ones that energize and/or de-stress you.

Making that crucial change in your normal routine should be more than enough to kick in that snowball effect we talked about, earlier.

Your new-found energy and productivity will make for more clarity, which will allow better focus; which will in all probability inspire you to streamline your day even further—once you’ve got going and seen what you actually achieve with all this new-found get-up-and-go.

And to think… it all starts with a simple glass of water!

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