There are seven tips to help you avoid activities that secretly—or not so secretly—drain you.  When you sit down to create your new ideal morning routine, don’t do this at your desk.

This list was short but powerful –  we did NOT focus on the negative, but we need to acknowledge them so we can overcome them..

  1.  Identify the most distracting morning habit you have adopted—
  2.  Write down your top three essentials.
  3.  Choose one or more activities that inspire you or connects you to your spiritual core
  4.  Consider choosing the one necessary daily chore you hate the most—the one that makes you procrastinate—and tackling it first thing every day
  5.  Choose one or more activity that stimulates creativity.
  6.  Add any other suggested morning activity that appeals to you
  7.  Subtract your most distracting activity (or activities) from your new daily routine

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