That’s the physical wake-up to your system taken care of—but don’t skip straight to Facebook or email. Time to nourish your soul!

The beauty is, you don’t have to adopt every method I’m going to suggest here—though you certainly can if you like. Just pick at least one suggestion that resonates with you the most strongly.

1. Read: Or Listen to a Book or Podcast

(Self-Help, Motivational, Inspirational, Business, or Spiritual)

2. Practice a Gratitude Attitude

This can be as simple as not allowing yourself to get out of bed in the morning until you’ve thought of three things you are grateful for. Try including a “Three Things I am Grateful for Today” section in your Daily Inspiration journal, or write them on three slips of paper and slip these into a jar.

The “three things I am grateful for” habit is such an easy one to get into—and not only does it take hardly any time at all, it is one of those little habits that can transform your life.

3. Use Relevant Affirmations

Words have power. If affirmative statements resonate with you or inspire you, make it part of your two-hour morning routine.

4. Ask a Meaningful Question of the Day

Affirmations and expressions of gratitude are helpful because they remind us of what is really important.

5. Practice Visualization

If you are a highly-visual person, creating a dreamboard might be the perfect tactic for you—providing you make it a habit to review it every morning. (So many people create dreamboards then promptly forget to use them!)

The key to creating a successful dreamboard you can use in this way lies in making sure the balance of items on your board reflects your immediate, short term and long term goals in proper proportion.

6. Do Your Planning Away from the Computer

Plan your day’s most important tasks (or top three priorities) before you sit down at your computer. You’ll find ideas flow more easily if you are relaxed—which you are more likely to be sitting in the garden with your coffee or snuggled up on the couch with a fat little notebook.

7. Center Yourself Internally

No matter what type of inner exploration you decide upon, one of the best tools you can use is to stop before plummeting into a whirlwind of business activity, and listen to messages from the Universe; from God; from your own soul.

8. Make Family Part of Your Morning

Ashlyn Kittrell of Care2 Healthy Living recently wrote about the morning routines of 23 highly successful people, in which the habit of exercise topped all others.

Second, however, came a routine that many entrepreneurs don’t even consider—including quality of family time!!

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