What if you could do all those tasks you never seem to have time to do, change all those habits you want to change and achieve your personal business goals for the day? What if you could do this and feel energized, motivated and inspired instead of frazzled, burned out and depressed?

 One of the best (and most painless) ways to actually achieve this lies in simply adjusting your morning routine. No, it doesn’t mean adopting a whole life change or keeping up unrealistic schedules that go south at the first intrusion of real life. I’m talking about changing the first two hours of your day before checking your email or Facebook.

Changing what you do in the first two hours out of your day may not seem like that big a deal—and the good news is, it isn’t.

But you’re changing the two most important hours.

Think snowball at the top of a hill: It’s maybe about ten inches in diameter. Start rolling it down a snow-covered hill and it picks up more and more snow, growing larger and larger.

By the time your snowball reaches the bottom of the hill, depending on the type of snow and the depth of the hill, it could easily be three or four times the diameter you started with. You didn’t spend any more time or energy packing it up with snow.

You just started it off in the right spot and momentum took over. It tripled or quadrupled your efforts and grew all by itself.

That’s what changing the first two hours of the day can do for you. It makes you achieve better results and be left with better energy (and less stress) than if you forced yourself to rearrange every single work hour—and its effect is exponential.

So let’s take a look at how you can make this work for you.

Step One: Getting Ready for Success

Go ahead and Listen – there are SEVEN habits you need to take notes on!!