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The Boomer Reboot Podcast is about helping young-adults over the age of 50 reboot their economies and re-kindle their DREAMS and live the life on their own terms.

You will learn how to REBOOT your ECONOMY by discovering how to market, monetize your skills, knowledge, expertise, and live a life of passion!

7 Ways to Make Sales…. No list Required

Hello! In today’s Blog: 7 ways to make sells (not list required) Read more about it here or download the mp3 file Think you can’t hope to make sales simply because you have no list to promote to? This kind of self-sabotaging thought is what holds many promising...

3 Tactics to implement while your list is still small.

Hello! In today’s Blog: Tactics for a Small List I go over the three tactics you need to implement to while you grow your list. Read more about it here or download the mp3 file No one opens up their brand-new email management system and sees thousands of prospects...

SUCCESS HABITS – Step 6 – Set Your Self Up For Productivity

Set Your Self Up For Productivity Make sure you focus on being productive, rather than just busy. Organize at the end of the day. Focus on your top priorities for the next day What has to be done? What has a deadline? What will bring in actual income? What will...

SUCCESS HABITS – Step 5 – Making Sure Your Work Space Empowers You

Making Sure Your Work Space Empowers You It doesn’t matter whether you work best on the patio, or in your home office, most experts agree that blurring the lines between your work area and your home area can add to overall stress Separate home space and work space...

SUCCESS HABITS – Step 4 – The Energy Wipers

STEP 4 - ENERGY WIPERS There are seven tips to help you avoid activities that secretly—or not so secretly—drain you.  When you sit down to create your new ideal morning routine, don’t do this at your desk. This list was short but powerful -  we did NOT focus on the...

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