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Now, today were going to talk about how you take your concept or your idea, the three phases that you need to go through to take what you know to the masses, reboot your economy, and reignite your life. I will talk to you right after the music.

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Listen, the three things that you need to do in order to be able to share what you have in your head, in your brain, that idea, that concept, the experience, all that stuff that youve accumulated through the years, to be able to share it with the masses so that you can reboot your economy and reignite your life. The first thing you got to do is you got to have what we call the conception phase. Now, the conception phase is not what we think of conception of something new, but it is the conception of taking and defining what your business idea is. Its either a product or a service, and what it is, something that you have in your head.

Now, what we do is this, we study the market. We look at what our competitors are doing. We look at what people are actually buying, and then we identify who the client is and we validate our offer. Important to keep this in mind. The conception phase of us taking our knowledge to the market is pretty much understanding what it is that a market is looking for. We have knowledge. We have worked on something for many, many years, so we are pretty much the experts in our own field in whatever it is that we do.

Now, our market is looking for something like that, but we may have a different twist. We may have something that theyre looking for that is not in the market yet. We say to ourselves, Man, I can do that, but I can do it better, or, I can teach that in a better way. Thats what we look for. We look at what the market is asking for, we look at websites. Theres What is it? Google Trends, and right now my mind is going blank, but you got Google Trends, we have AdWords. Pretty much the large search engines when you start to type something automatically give you a dropdown list of what people are actually looking for, and what are some of the most looked up for terms?

Like, you can go that in Google, you can do that on YouTube, you can do it on Amazon. Theyre going to give you what people are already looking for. Then, we go look at what it is that is being served to them. When we see that, and we look and we say, Man, I can okay that better, or, I have a different way of doing it, well, theres somebody thats going to connect with the way that you think that is a better way of doing it. Somebody will connect with that. There are enough of those somebodies all over the world
that it can help you to reboot your economy and reignite your life.

I want to talk about that, how we do that, in just a second, or in another episode well go further in depth into this. We define our business, we define our idea, we define the product by looking at what people are already buying. Then, we identify the client. Who is the client whos actually buying this? We validate the idea by seeing who it is and how much of it theyre consuming and theyre buying, and then we design a system that we are going to use to attract them to us.

Now, we do that in the creation phase. We talked about the conception, now were going into the creation phase. The creation phase is where were going to create our content. This is where were going to actually develop what it is that were going to give our clients. We can do it in steps. now and where we are promising to take them in the future. That bridge, that gap, that is what were offering, where theyre at now, where were going to take them. We in much more detail in another video, but that is where were going to create out content that were going to deliver.

Then, based on that, were going to create our offer, what it is that were offering these people. Remember, the offer is not always like. No. Its not something that is on sale. The offer is the collection of the things that were going to offer our client that is going to be able to help them bridge the gap to where there at to whether they want to be. Remember, they have a problem and theyre looking for a solution. Were offering that solution, so how many steps do they got to go to go from point A to point B? Thats what were offering. Were giving them the bridge to help them short path that, the resolution to the issue of their problem. Then, we create a marketing strategy. How is it that theyre looking for the information? How are we going to give this information to them? Is it? Is it in audio and videos? What do we feel more comfortable delivering?

Actually, its not what we feel comfortable delivering. Its what it is that they are willing to consume, and then we have to adapt and create that for them. Then, were going sell them a product. Thats where we have the creation. Now, the last phase that we have to talk about is the conversion. The conversion is where were going to generate traffic. What kind of traffic are we going to use to bring those people to the product that were selling? How are we creating a sales funnel? How are we doing a webinar, which is a presentation? Which is one of the best ways of selling online today is because you get a connection with the people, that they get to see you, they get to hear you for a longer period of time than just a four or five, six, seven, eight minute video where they get to
understand and connect with you.

Then, it gives you the ability to take the time and explain to them what it is that they're going to get in the offer. Then, the last part of the last phase is automation, where we automate the system where this can be repeated over and over and over again. In todays podcast, just to give you a quick recap, what we talked about are the three phases of taking your knowledge out to the masses so that you can reboot your economy and reignite your life.

That is that you have the conception phase where youre going to validate the idea that you have. You have the creation phase where youre actually going to create the product. Then,
you have the conversion phase where youre actually bringing more traffic to that initial offering that you have, where you create your sales funnel, where you create the message, and your webinar, and where you actually get to automate the system and the processes.

I want you to think about that because you have something up here in your head, something that you been doing for years, and you know a better way of doing it that is either being taught or that somebody else is doing it. You can share that with the masses. That is going to help you reboot your economy and ignite your life. Im going to see you in the next podcast. Take care.
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